Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Blog on How to Pop a Sebaceous Cyst

First off, I am no doctor. I just like popping zits. I mean I really like popping zits. If I had a job where I popped zits all day, you would meet the happiest woman in the world! Please understand that this was my own experience and it could be dangerous to a person if their sebaceous cyst got infected and it was recommended to have it removed by medical professionals. But we are not all made of money and it can cost big bucks to have these removed. I just want to share what I consider to be the greatest zit popping experience of my life.

While taking care of my mother, who was dying of cancer, my father had complained about a horrible pain in his back. Said he felt like he was sleeping on a rock when he laid down on his back. My father had had a sebaceous cyst removed before and sadly I only found out after it was over or I would have asked to watch the procedure. My Dad had another sebaceous cyst on his back and we didn't have much money to spend so he asked me to take a look at it. It looked like a child's fist was trying to push it's way through my Dad's back. It was horrible and awesome at the same time. As gently as I could, and with small alcohol wipes standing by, I pushed down on the skin surrounding the large mass protuding from my Dad's back. Stiff yellowish-white pus came forth from at least 4 "eyes" on the cyst. THIS WAS NO ORDINARY ZIT!! JACKPOT!!! This lasted for about 2 days. Then, after the stiff pus was all out, tons and tons of cores came out. I call them cores because usually when you removed the "core" or the hard part of a zit, the zit typically dies. Man, at least 30 cores came out the first time. IT WAS AWESOME!! Once this phase was done, then wet pus spewed out everytime I laid a finger on the cyst. I must have gotten shot in the face at least twice. Disgusting! But cool!! Finally, the last phase was where I had to keep a bandage over the dying cyst because water and thin pus oozed for a couple days. After 2 weeks of milking the cyst, it was gone.

Please note, after each pressing of the sebaceous cyst, I wiped the area with a small alcohol swab. And all the pus was cleaned up and removed with tissues and sometimes paper towels. WOO, IT WAS A BIG ZIT!!! But it cleared up and my Dad hasn't had one since. It was very painful for him and I didn't press on his sebaceous cyst too long each time. But what came out was truly AMAZING! And I'll never forget those 2 wonderful weeks where I popped a sebaceous cyst out of existence.